The City Garden


Antonino Giglio was born in Milan, Italy, and his eye for clean and fine details and passion for good design were shaped by the influence of this incredibly vibrant city.

There he successfully ran his business as a stained glassed windows artist first and as web designer later. He also worked as interior designer for one of the best architect in the city and collaborate with the interior design magazine Brava Casa.

After moving to Australia having attained the Diploma in Horticulture Antonino also studied Garden Design at Burnley College in Melbourne. Currently, to deepen his garden design knoledge, is further studing with David Stevens (UK), one of the best garden designers in the world and eleven times gold medallst at the Celsea Flower Show.

Antonino is a truly passionate horticulturist and garden designer and he’s attracted by all garden stiles because, as he says, “garden styles are like people, sometime very different between each other but all very fascinating and worth exploring”.

His main passions lay with Living Roofs (also called Green Roofs) and Vertical Gardens both as real ecosystems for human beings and wildlife and as a new form of architectural avantgarde where lifeless structures merge with living ones to give rise to something truly enchanting.

Antonino is an accredited GreenGardener by Melbourne Water and he’s member of the Australian Green Roof Association and the American association Green Roofs for Healthy Cities.